Scott Hanson
Saturday September 11, 2021; 9:59 AM GMT+0200
  • I could say it feels like only yesterday, but no, that's not true anymore. It now feels longer ago than that, and that's good.#
  • Thanks to blogging I can look up my notes from that day. "I just feel numb. I miss an eloquent President, who can express what I and the nation must feel, but cannot put into words."#
  • We do business in Hamburg-Harburg, just blocks from Marienstrasse 54, where the plot was hatched. It is still creepy to me that this began so (geographically) close to us.#
  • Almost immediately there were many expressions of grief and support from both German officials and ordinary citizens. This led directly to the German military involvement in Afghanistan that started a few weeks later. #
  • Candles placed at the US Consulate in Hamburg, September 2001#
  • Commemorative plaques placed at the US Consulate, September 10, 2021 (Source)#
  • Peace!#


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