Scott Hanson
Friday September 3, 2021; 4:45 PM GMT+0200
  • I created a new repository DrummerTest on GitHub, and cloned it to my Mac.#
  • There I created a file templates/index.html, and copied in the default Drummer Template, making a trivial change to the HTML title to make sure Drummer was using the new template. #
  • I pushed my changes to GitHub. It would be possible for Drummer to get the template from GitHub using a URL, but that always takes a few minutes to update, so it's not so convenient.#
  • So I set up a free Netlify site connected to the DrummerTest repository. That means the Netlify site will update every time changes are pushed to GitHub. It takes about 5 seconds. #
  • Netlify gave me a crazy URL, which I set as the urlTemplate OPML header on my blog.opml.#
  • It worked! For now I've only changed the HTML title, but next I'll be tweaking the styles.#


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